Girl Gets Mad At Her Father Saying He Has No Right To Scold Her Because He's Not Her BF! Shocking!

Once again, another netizen has become the center of all attention after what she posted on her social media account! 

This woman whose identity was hidden for privacy purposes has made the netizens furious after she posted a blood raising message in one of her social media accounts.

In her post, she rants about a person who got mad at her just because she arrived home late. And when someone asked her about the identity of the person she's talking about on her post, she then stated that it was her father.

The worst part in this incident is that she got mad at her father for texting her to come home early. She even claim that her father has no right to be mad at her because he's not even her boyfriend.

This story then went viral online and people got really mad at her by saying that she has no right to talk to her father that way.

People also advised her to just leave their home if she couldn't show some respect to her father. There are also some who told her to at least be thankful because there's a person who cares for her.
Source: LionHearTV

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