Just In: Miram Santiago Suffered Complications And Is In ICU Now! Shocking!

Miriam Defensor-Santiago admitted to the public that she is suffering from Lung Cancer back in 2014. It is one of the factors that she considered before she decided to run for the presidential elections. This also became the reason why she was not present in some of her campaign rallies.

The senator also admitted that she has anorexia (difficulty and inability to eat). This is one of the side-effects of her medications.

Now, an update about the condition of Miriam Santiago was released by her husband Narciso Santiago Jr. to the public. He said that his wife was rushed to the hospital and is in the intensive care unit of Makati Medical Center.

Miriam was rushed because she was 'sick and suffered complications' as stated by her husband.

Narciso also said that gifts and visitors are not welcome to the hospital. But he assured everyone that Miriams still has her 'trademark sense of humor.'

Last May 24, a letter was received by Franklin Drilon, the senate president claiming that Miriam should continue her medical leave.


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